Mission Statement

    Consistent with the operating philosophy of all components of the Louisville Municipal School District, the Title I Program recognizes the importance of parental involvement in providing a quality education for all students. Title I recognizes that the school program should reflect the values and needs of the home and community. Furthermore, the need for open lines of communication between the school, home and community are evident.

    The classroom teacher is the nucleus in accomplishing the mission of the school district. The success of the Title I Program depends on the effectiveness of the teachers and their supervisors. The Parent Center will capitalize on these beliefs. The Center will aid the teachers and parents/participants by providing supplemental materials to help with enrichment and reinforce skills the children have not completely mastered.

Program Overview

The Family Center of the Louisville Municipal School District serves to maximize the positive effects of families and schools working together to improve student achievement and family involvement. All services and programs offered through the Family Center are designed to assist parents/participants and teachers in helping students.

pencilicon.gif (952 bytes) The Family Center employs two full time employees to lend educational materials and provide program services to families and the community.

pencilicon.gif (952 bytes)Education materials available for parents to check out for home use include reading and math games, manipulatives, flash cards, videos and cassettes, cassette players, library books, accelerated readers, take home book bag library, take home packs, electronic games, family games, Hooked-on-Phonics, Hooked-on-Math, and Lightspan/software on grade level.

pencilicon.gif (952 bytes) Workshops provide training for students, parents/participants, and teachers  in ways to develop learning skills, life coping skills, parenting skills, and effective home/school communication skills.

pencilicon.gif (952 bytes) Computer Lab has computers available for students and parents/participants to help with their educational needs.

pencilicon.gif (952 bytes) Parent and Teacher Resources lend parenting skills and teacher curriculum to be used by families at home and teachers in the schools.

pencilicon.gif (952 bytes) Community Outreach links parents, families, and teachers with community agencies and volunteers to lend help and support.

pencilicon.gif (952 bytes) Substance and Physical Abuse Prevention coordinates with teachers, the D.A.R.E. officers, and school counselors to provide students and families with prevention skill information and materials.

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pencilicon.gif (952 bytes) Monthly Home Activity Calendars are distributed to families with students enrolled in Louisville Municipal School District K-6th grades.

pencilicon.gif (952 bytes) Parent Newsletters are distributed to parents in grades K-12.