Special Education Services

Special Education Services are available at all schools and include programs for speech, specific learning disabilities, developmentally delayed, visually impaired, intellectually disabled, and physically disabled.

A gifted education program is available to qualified students in grades 2-8.

For more information, contact our Special Education Department:

Mavis Crawford, Director of Student Services
Rosemary Lampley, Case Manager
Eiland Middle School
508 Camille Street
Louisville, MS  39339
662-773-2036 Office
662-773-4043 Fax

Cynthia Bethany, Bookkeeper
L.M.S.D Central Office
112 South Columbus Avenue
Louisville, MS 39339
662-773-4010 voice
662-773-4013 fax


Mavis Crawford, Director of Student Services

Executive Summary and Data Review 2016-2017

Procedural Safeguards

Gifted Education Program Policy

Louisville Municipal
School District

PO Box 909
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